Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Eagle One Gun

Here we have the rather odd AHI Eagle one water pistol, it looks kind of  ill advised but you have to remember that AHI probably sold a boatload of these so they just applied the Star Trek  template to Space:1999 when it came to all merch.

What I really enjoy about 1999 merchandising is the amount of face time actor Barry Morse gets on most of the packaging. Mostly because my grandfather could have been his stunt double, it's kind of eery. Even as a kid I'd think "why is my grandfather on the box?" My love for Space:1999 is also what drew me into toy collecting some 25 years ago, so it's sort of responsible for what I'm doing right now.

BTW, not slagging Barry Morse at all here. I was lucky enough to bump into him on the streets of Toronto many years ago and he was a very kind gentleman, possibly my favourite celebrity encounter.

1 comment:

Tex said...

I had this one, and the white variant (or is this the variant?) They were DAMN good guns, and packed some serious range.

(and yeah, I had the Enterprise one as well)


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