Friday, October 14, 2011

Monster Squad Gallery Updates

It's that time of year again, where I show off my neat o discoveries from the hobby of collecting memoribilia from the one season Saturday Morning show "Monster Squad", not to be confused with the 80s movie. It's been a big year for Squad stuff. More after the jump:

Thanks to a great trade at the Mego forums, I managed to find not only a Bruce W. Wolf bendy figure.

but a carded Dracula as well, he's the most off model of the bunch but I don't have the heart to take him off the card. These were made by Carlin Playthings, who made them into weird little necklaces and even though they don't have the license, it's obivous who they're supposed to be.

I had a Wolfman costume before but not one in a box with the show logo. I got this from the collection of Dr Shocker himself, actor Daniel Roebuck.

I also finally added a kid's Dracula costume to the collection, I found the adult one a few times but never this. Sadly this example smells like it's been dwelling in a damp basement filled with kitty litter and old socks. It was discordant even trying to take this photo....

Shannon sent me this shot of a carded Monster Squad van, the version doesn't have the show stickers on it which is odd.
The back of the card shows the Monster Squad van and the van from Kifs from C.A.P.E.R on it.

That's all for this year's Monster Squad Gallery updates, hopefully next year will bring even more!

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