Friday, September 16, 2011

1978 Milton Bradley Electronics Catalog

In 1978, Milton Bradley who had already been known for board games for well over 100 years,  brought the world some inventive and memorable electronic offerings in the form of Simon and Star Bird.

While primitive by today's standards in the late 70s, these were high tech and hours of fun.


plasticfetish said...

Ahhh, I loves me some '70s electronic fun.

Tex said...

I'll take any of those so-called "primitive" toys over today's drivel, and at twice the price. Electronic toys today have a sameness about them, a disturbing homogeneity that toys from the 70s just didn't have.

(blame it on Ben Grimm's Law -- Crap rewarded is crap repeated)

Buck Theorem said...

haha, wow! I used to have the Star Bird and the Star Bird command base. I remember getting it one christmas. I remember indulging in many space fantasies with those toys... but could never remember what they were called. Thanks for reminding me.

David Akers said...

I still have my Starbird. I just ran across it the other day, in fact. I still love to relive those space battles I had as a kid with my friend who had What was the "enemy" ship called?


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