Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Shadow Knows?

Shadow toy from the 1970s
I love a toy mystery but these rack toys based on pulp character The Shadow were driving me crazy, first, they looked almost exactly like

Secondly, why The Shadow? It wasn't like the character had a big presence in the mid seventies, even his DC title had been cancelled by this point. Fortunately, I met a kindly soul who answered some of these mysteries for me. look for a gallery of Shadow Merchandise later in the month.

AHI Batman toys but they weren't made by Azrak Hamway.

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PDXWiz said...

That's very interesting! I had no clue that there was ANY merchandise for The Shadow beyond the pulps and reprints and comics...till now. My writer friends who are into pulp and into The Shadow probably know about these toys, but I didn't. WOW! Thanks for posting these, Brian!

Gordon Long


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