Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The way cool kids tell time

I really need a Steve Austin watch, Cookie Monster one too.


MikeM said...

I still have the Hot Wheels watch. I think I got in through a mail-in promotion. My 8 y/o daughter still wears it from time-to-time.

FilmFather said...

I still have the Big Bird watch, in a shoebox in my basement.

Wait, that sounds really sinister. Let it be known that I do take it out once in a while to give it some fresh air.

There. Awkwardness avoided...

(Shameless plug: Check out the newly redesigned FilmFather this Thursday, Feb. 17th!)

Lady Jaye said...

I'd soooo buy a Cookie Monster watch in adult size! It must exist somewhere but to what cost? (says she who has an Oscar the Grouch wallet...)


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