Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Dawn of the Man-Mates!

my eyes, sweet lord, my eyes

When you buy a vintage catalog, sometimes you get duds, no good toys, respectable clothes, it's a real downer. Other times, you strike comedy gold. The discovery of the "Man Mates" was the equivalent of striking oil, diamonds and uranium all at once

Not only is this line of clothing woefully named but it's also the tackiest, most infamous clothing line to ever grace the small screen, why is that you ask?
Because Man Mates is known better by another name, perhaps you've heard of it


That's right, the worlds most famous bachelour stepped off the fashion train wearing Man Mates and history was made! I'll won't be releasing this all at one, no we must savour, it's that good.

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Anonymous said...

GAH! *hides eyes* Save me from the hideousness! XD
Just last year I discovered my Dad still had a pair of 60's bell bottoms. My Mom bet him $5 (back in the early 90's) that they would never come back in style (for men, that is). Needless to say, she lost. These pictures make me think of that! ;)


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