Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The Moving Monster Gun!

I have a weird story about the Hasbro moving Monster Gun which projected pictures of Monsters on the wall. A school friend named Richard had one of these tucked in his closet. I was over at his house once and thought it was the coolest toy ever made. Richard seized the opportunity and said if i wanted to play with with it, I'd have to pay him, eventhough it was obvious he didn't care for it.

I contemplated just grabbing the gun and making a run for it but Richard's parents lived in the middle of nowhere. Needless to say, our friendship dissolved.

Coming Next Week:

Dawn of the Man-Mates!


Bruklin said...


I was beginning to think this damn toy was my imagination.

The toy worked by using these plastic film strips that were fed slowly through the gun by a motor so the projected monsters moved, and subsequently were a little hard to hit. The problem was, the shot would punch a hole in the strip so you would see the hole appear in the projection.

Like many toys of the era, the flaw was that you would quickly run out of strips and then, if you happened to be aprticularly mature, you would send away with the info provided and in four to six weeks would have another supply. If, on the other hand, you were immature enough to want to shoot cartoon monsters projected on your wall with a platic gun, you would instead put the gun in your closet or toy box and forget it existed, except for the occasional time you would pull it out and lament over the days when you had unused plastic strips.

I used my strips over and over until you could barely see the picture that used to be in each monster frame.


Oh my god.. me too, anybody i told about this thing thought i was lying.. it was one of my favorite toys as a kid... i wish i could get one now.... does anybody remember another gun toy that was around at the same time and it shot hotwheels cars, that toy was incredible but i cant remember its name..

Hearseman said...

There was also a gun like this based on shooting WWI planes as they moved by on the filmstrip.

Does anyone remember the name of that one?

Yodastoe said...

These were cool , I had the ghost gun =)

Anonymous said...

I had one of these too and LOVED IT... until my mom decided it was too violent for me and she donated it... which is weird because she's the one who got it for me in the first place.

Thanks for the post.


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