Monday, May 26, 2008

Plaid Stallions Boy's Clubs

Did you know that children are growing up every day deprived of the confidence of wearing a suit made by Dupont? Or the luxury of wearing a white belt with white loafers?

You can change all that with a (large) donation to the Plaidstallions Boy's Clubs or "Brick's Kids", your donation will go towards educating a new generation on dressing suave, the importance of matching outfits in relationships and most importantly, the comedy genius of Shirley Hemphill.

Your generous, constant support could help a young person get a little funk in their lives*....

(*That is unless something really cool comes up on Ebay or I just decide to drink it all away which is most likely going to happen)


Anonymous said...

Brian, I'm expecting you to dress your kids like this.

Actually, if I can find something like this on eBay, I may one day dress MY kids like this... when I have them!

Plaidstallions said...

My interest in dressing my children this way is only overcome by my need to sleep indoors.

JFStan said...

These outfits would go great with the Little Tikes' Country Club Bungalow or Fisher-Price's My First Disco Ball.

Jinxie Beaverhausen said...

Looks like a picture from my brother-in-law's Bar Mitzvah.

Anonymous said...

My son is 12yo and he like this suits. he have 6 suits from 70's and he put this wear for many occasions.


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