Saturday, May 10, 2008

R2-D2 makes an appearance

r2 d2 appearance

Chuck sent in this picture of him and brother Chris with R2D2 in front a wonderful Star Wars painting. This was at a
HyVee grocery store around 79-80. Chuck
remembers Chewie and Vader also being at this store (he would not go near Vader and
cried because he was a bad guy) and promises more shots in the future. Thanks Chuck!

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Got a mall appearance photo from the 70's/80's to Share? Drop me a line!


Anonymous said...

It's funny how the kid wouldn't go near Vader. My awesome parents threw a Star Wars birthday party for me back in I think 1978. Darth Vader showed up at my party and I was terrified.

Anonymous said...

Hy-vee and Star Wars must have had something going on, because they came to my store in Sioux City, Iowa at that time too. Actually I thought Vader was cool and was a little afraid of Chewie. I remember a kid was going to push a button on Vaders belt, and I stopped him and whispered to him that Vader would kill him if he pushed the button. He didn't push the button....


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