Monday, May 05, 2008

You have to provide your own Bionic Sound FX

fun stuf electro genic arm

I am totally in love with this ad for the Fun Stuf Electro Genic Arm, obviously a toy made to cash in on the popularity of Steve Austin, it's just piece of plastic with a circuit sticker on it that a child uses to simulate that they're bionic

That is what's so incredibly cool about this toy, I can imagine spending hours with this thing pretending to be a cyborg until I broke it and well, moved on to the next thing.

(Note the mention of "He" in this ad, guess Funstuf never heard of the Bionic Woman, back to your easy bake ovens girls, Funstuf doesn't want your money. )

More Bionic Stuff: 1976 Bionic Man/Woman Catalog


Anonymous said...

Is that kid missing a finger?

Anonymous said...

"Bionic Thumb sold seperately!"

chunky B said...

Hey that thing even has a sight with cross hairs so you can aim your fist and shoot it like a Shogan Warrior!


Bubbashelby said...

I don't know about this toy - the last thing a kid needs as they approach puberty is a bionic forearm.


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