Sunday, May 25, 2008

Colouring Book Theatre: Superman in Luthor's Lost Land

Superman Colouring Book Well, I finally found the often promised, never delivered Superman book so I figured I'd push other stuff out of the way and get to it before I lose it again.

This book is marked 1975 but I remember getting it much after the Christopher Reeve movie debuted, I vividly recall colouring in it while watching "A Man Called Sloane"

The book is by Whitman and the art is top notch, the formula is a typical "Page per panel" so the story takes a while. I don't recognize the artist but like I mentioned the style is above average for a colouring book.

Morgan Edge, President of Galaxy Broadcasting, who is smoking BTW, sends Clark Kent to Oklahoma to cover the new oil crisis. On their way to the airport, Clark spots a missile and rides it. Turns out Luthor is behind it and sends superman out into space to die. It doesn't kill Superman but he did miss his flight.

Jeez, Lois is pretty darn stupid if she honestly buys that.

Hired Goons kidnap Lois and Clark, who get punched out and whisked away while Lois faints. The bad guys wake up in jail, can the police just hold people because Superman told them to?

On their copter ride, the crew encounters dinosaurs and Superman acts like he's never seen one, in the comics, he seems to run into them every afternoon.

A strange city appears and the dinosaurs attack the copter forcing everyone to bail out, Clark applies a little "Hai-Keeba" to the situation.

Turns out Luthor is behind all of this, he needs the oil to raise this acient city and it's monsters. He can rule the world with this stuff he says. Luthor also orders his gunsels to kill Lois, Superman goes mental but Luthor has a monster even stronger than him.

Superman beats it in one panel.

Superman destroys the city (was that neccesary?) And the day is saved, nobody seems to question that Clark Kent is missing, not even Luthor.

Got a colouring book you'd like to guest review? Drop me a line!

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Anonymous said...

If I'm not mistaken, that art is by Alex Nino. He did quite a few Warren magazine comic stories as well as some comic book adaptations of classic novels (The Time Machine and War of the Worlds being two of them).

Anonymous said...

Hey! That story was in the big coloring book I had as a kid! The one that had the Batman story from a while back. I really need to find that book...

Anonymous said...

Was that the same Batman coloring book that had the Joker-Burgers?

Anonymous said...

I had this coloring book too. I've said it before...I LOVE THIS WEBSITE!


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