Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Who invited the Cowboy?

"I thought he was a friend of yours...."

Contest Time: I'm ripping off Rob at the Aquaman Shrine and having my first contest. This one's a little different as everyone can win and it never ends (in theory). Here it is, send me a vintage picture or picture of something vintage and I'll send you the first two Plaidstallions Trading cards. It can be anything related to the site, a vintage Christmas Morning Shot, a Mall Appearance photo, you in your most 70's outfit, a picture of your favourite 70's toy, your 70's collection, an AHI Monster doll we could use for the gallery. It doesn't really matter, send them on down!


Anonymous said...

In the grand tradition of such remakes as 'The Honeymooners', it's the whacky the new remake of 'Blazing Saddles'.

"The sherriff is a crack-[BOOONNNNGG]"
"What'd he say?"
"He said the sherrif is on crack!"
"No, no, dadgummit, I said the sherrif is a crack-[BOOONNNNGG]"

Hilarity ensues . . .

JFStan said...

This is the poster from the new movie: "The Outlaw Josie Wales vs. Dolemite!"

Anonymous said...

That white jumpsuit has some... uh... badly placed creases...


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