Monday, May 20, 2019

Toy-Ventures 22: Bulletman from the GI Joe Adventure Team

This week we take a look at Bulletman: The Human Bullet and his many international variations from the UK (Palitoy) and Mexico (Lili Ledy). I discuss my personal history with this figure and why he's so special to me. Please hit like and subscribe and never miss a Toy-Venture!

Friday, May 17, 2019

5 Awesome things on eBay this week.

Japanese Spider-Man doll by Popy- I have a deep affinity for the Japanese Spider-Man TV series and it's merchandise also gets much sunshine from me. This toy is loaded with so many wonderful gimmicks (most of them having nothing to do with Spider-Man himself) that it's a total win. Missiles coming out of hands? Why not?

Laverne and Shirely Tiger Claw Necklace by Harmony- Harmony made the weirdest stuff, they had odd licenses and I can't get enough of them. Every piece is just yeah,,,,,

Cheinco Planet of the Apes waste basket- It's the official waste basket of PlaidStallions as it's the one in my office. I've owned a couple in my life and honestly it always been a struggle between Apes or this one.

Japanese Godzilla Bendy- I am such a big fan of dorky looking Godzilla toys.

Mexican lobby Card for Phantom of the Paradise- Why do people remind me cool things exist? This thing is currently sitting at six dollars! Arrgggghhhhh

New Avengers Jigsaw Puzzle- This is actually being sold by my Podcast partner and friend, Mr  Lenzi. I find it kind of absurd as New Avengers was an action show and the puzzle is of John Steed...... leaving his building or possibly a restaurant? This must have flown off the shelves!


21 Kwai Chang Caine figures and one master Po - These are from the Multiple toys "Kung Fu" playset that came out in 1974, I don't why this guy has so many Caines but I need that Master Po, so does anyone know 21 Kung Fu fans who want a $2 Caine?

Thursday, May 16, 2019

Monday, May 13, 2019

Toy-Ventures 21: Alien Attack by Toyco

This week's episode is all about the Toyco Alien Attack playset from 1982, it's astronauts fighting the Colorforms Outer Space Men, what is not to love? Please like and subscribe to our channel to get a weekly toy-venture and other great stuff. Music: Beneath the Surface South London HiFi

Friday, May 10, 2019

5 Awesome things on eBay this week

Planet of the Apes Wagon toy by AHI- I cannot stress how much i love this AHI Apes toy, if i didn't have one I'd buy this. I'm not sure if it's the Astronaut figure in full space suit or Dr. Zaius driving but either way, I just want to hug this.

Japanese Die Cast Superman Figure- This is sort of like a Superman Micronaut, add to that Neal Adams art and I'm all weak in the knees.

Spider-Man magic transfer set by Colorforms- I had this as a kid, you made little standees and I still have the Green Goblin one. Memories....

Starlog salutes Star Trek T Shirt- It doesn't get more 1980s than this powder blue bad boy, you'll never know when it'll be Star Trek's 20th Anniversary again.

Battle of the Planets Schoolbag from Greece- I have been collecting Battle of the Planets stuff since the early 90s and this is something I've never seen before. 

Thursday, May 09, 2019

Superhero AM Radios

What was your AM Radio as a kid? Mine was "Little Sprout" from the "Green Giant" commercials, I assume my mother won it.

It was pretty cool but my older sibling had an FM radio in her room, so i mainly just kept my door open so I could hear Black Sabbath.  

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