Friday, November 16, 2018

5 Awesome things on Ebay this week

Monster Squad Frankenstein- Admittadly, i prefer the TV series "The Monster Squad" over the 1980s movie but everytime I do a search I do run into these custom Mego-esque figures done by the amazing Distinctive Dummies and they give me pause.

Cliffhangers TV Week Cover- Remember the TV series "Cliffhangers" featuring three stories that were supposed to channel old movie serials. It was one of my favourite TV shows growing up and other than some press photos this is like the only piece of merchandise ever.

Tarzan Card Game by Mattel- I'm not big on card games but that all changes when the packaging is done by JACK FREAKING KIRBY. Jack's rendition of Tarzan is a little weird which of course, makes it ten times more awesome.

Lili Ledy Tusken Raider- In Mexico, Lili Ledy made their own officially licensed 12" figures, they're whacky, a little off model and totally adorable. None so much as this, the Tusken Raider or "Sand Person" which of course, Kenner never made. I seriously want one of these badly but of course, they're ridiculously hard to find. Why I am always attracted to such pretty things?

Mazinger Super 8 Film-  I love Shogun Warriors, Foreign items and Super 8 movies so this Japanese Super 8 film hits a lot of buttons for me. It's super pricey but this is really window shopping anyway.


I had the remote control R2D2 as a kid, it stopped walking pretty quickly but it was still good to use with the 12" dolls so I was content, also it still made it's beeping noise much to mother's chagrin. She once threatened to throw it out of the station wagon!

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Thursday, November 15, 2018

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Exciting Toys from the Star Wars Series

This nice ad from Zayres (wish i had the whole flyer) is from Christmas 1983 and I'm guessing by that point, I had jumped off the wonderful train that was Star Wars. 

I still read the Marvel comic mind you but I honestly don't recognize or remember that mini-rig or the plush Ewoks at all. I hope it brings joy to those that do. 

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Tuesday, November 13, 2018

The World's Rarest Jiggler FOUND

As any reader of this blog should know, I loves me some dime store rack toys and I also love drive-in cinema, that's why today's entry is so special to me.

You see, for years there has been a legend of a Jiggler used to promote the Blood Island series of movies. Blood Island movies are a wonderful late 1960s series of lurid colour monster movies filmed in the Philippines that I absolutely adore (Oh and these movies just got released on Blu-Ray by our friends at Severin films, go and get them). 

Well, monster toy collector and fellow Blood Island fan Ray Castile has finally tracked one down and shared. You should check out Ray's amazing youtube videos about Topstone Monster Masks, they're really great.

Just like the chlorophyll monsters of Dr. Lorca, I'm green with envy about this find but also filled with gratitude just to know it exists!

Thanks to Ray for sharing this epic find, I'm seriously giddy.

Also, it goes without saying, if you have one of there, I would like to buy it. 

Friday, November 09, 2018

Five Awesome Things on Ebay this Week

Another weekly recap of all the things I sincerely can't afford to purchase at the minute. Oh well, where would i put it?

Remco Star Trek Instant TV- I have this fascination with the Remco Star Trek toys, they're just previously existing toys with "STAR TREK" written on them but for some reason, I WANT THEM ALL. I've never seen this one before and it's not helping me tame the collector monster that lurks inside me.

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Torak! Falcon 80 is GI Joe from Brazil and they just got crazy with the science fiction and it included a villain character that GI Joe totally deserved. These are crazy expensive and hard to find but now they're being reissued and you can get a MIB one for a tenth of the price. I can't wait for more characters.

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Denys Fisher Cyberman- I love Mego, I love Doctor Who and i think the Cybermen are boss. This figure was all i thought about in 1998 and i grossly overpaid for one that year. Now you can buy one for much less than I paid in 1998. 

Aquaman's Supersea Aquarium- Before I had kids, i had this groovy office filled with Aquaman toys. This piece was my holy grail but i could never pull the trigger on it because logical as it is, it's an aquarium with a picture of Aquaman in it. Why is it so neat?

Bionic Woman Shower playset from Mexico. I hope all that water doesn't short out her bionics! Kenner did give the Bionic Woman doll some action related accessories but this is definitely not one of them.

Electric Wheels by Eldon

TV show idea, a Thunderbirds type series but with children in all the roles and we dub over their voices with adults. Don't steal this! I'm going to write the pilot this weekend. 

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Wednesday, November 07, 2018

Mr. Action

I had so many Mr. Action outfits for my GI Joes and I had no idea. I  assume that I got most of those sets before I could read.

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Tuesday, November 06, 2018

Swing Along

I was on a bunch of these  as a kid, they all moved when you were swinging like they may just fall over, it gave the whole thing an added sense of danger.

Also, those slides became deadly come July.

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