Friday, May 30, 2008

Made from the Strangest Stuff on Earth

We're jetting forward to 1984 to take a look at Manglors, a rather unique toy offering from Ideal Toys. Manglors weren't action figures (they had no articulation) but rather a new kind of concept, made of a spongy material that stretched and apparently could be reattached. Every character in the line seemed to be a monster and their playset "Manglor Mountain" appears to be some sort of torture chamber.
I'll admit it, when I saw a Manglord with an open window in Toys R Us back in '85, I reached right in and tore off a limb to see if it worked. Boy, that confession felt good, like a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders!


JFStan said...

I had a Manglord (when I was "too old" to play with toys.. yeah, right). Curiosity was the main motive, and sure enough, you could pull him apart and reattach him.. for a while. Once the points of detachment got dirty, well, he got to park in the blue spaces.

Martini said...

I got Manglord for Christmas and I was SO EXCITED. My sister opened him and ripped his leg off (something I NEVER would have done despite the fact that you could). Anyway, his leg did not reattach. He wasn't sticky. He was dry. I bawled my eyes out. My dad tried a few things but his leg never stuck back on - and we ended up throwing him out. A terrible Christmas memory and I want another Manglord!


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