Thursday, May 08, 2008

L'il Sales Managers

The kid in the red jacket looks like he's firing somebody, I bet his nickname is "Dutch".

Given my well documented love of Mall Appearances , it would be an injustice not to mention two blogs today. First Please Save Me Robots has some wonderful newspaper clippings promoting not only Darth Vader but a David Hasselhoff Toy store appearance, hopefully he wasn't eating a burger. If that wasn't enough Dr. Geektarded (what a great name for an arch enemy!) has a totally cool bunch of toystore ads from the 80's including one for a He-Man/Skeletor appearance.

Embarassing Confession: I actually went to a He-Man store appearance as a teen, it was unintentional (i just wanted to look at action figures) and it sadly made the paper....


Anonymous said...

Absolutely, that's a young Donald Trump practicing his signiture catch phrase "You're fired".

JFStan said...

I thought he looked like a young Captain Kangaroo..

wurwolf said...

How much do I love that DARTH VADER, TOWERING ARCHVILLAIN, will be at Johnny's Toys this weekend? Oh, just a lot. Do you suppose his hula hoop broke and he needed to replace it?

Great links!

Anonymous said...

I just read the links, and yes Wurwolf, the copy in that Darth Vadar ad is awesome - "towering archvillain" indeed!

Unfortunately, I can't say the same for the "Toys Plus" ads:
1. What is the "Plus" in their name for? It looks like Toys were all they sold!
2. If you're logo is "Toys + Plus", wouldn't that be spoken as "Toys Plus Plus"? And that's just a dumb name.

Bubbashelby said...

I got "Captain Kangaroo" out of that pic too.

Maybe he's ripping Mr. Moose a new one "If you make me say "ping pong balls" ONE MORE TIME...!"

Anonymous said...

He's like a miniature Dwight Shrute.

GiGi said...

But Bobby You Can't Fire Me...I'm Your Mother!!!
Hit da Bricks Mom Your Thru! take dad with ya


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