Thursday, May 15, 2008

Star Aliens Meet Superman

star aliens by Larami

More Rack Toys today, I'm really digging these die cast Star Aliens figures by Larami. They seem to be rocking that whole Shogun Warriors/Micronauts vibe.

AHI superman Chute

My pal MegoSteve sent me a picture of his wicked cool AHI Parachuting Superman figure and a Knock Off (which probably also produced by AHI)

AHI superman parachute

Big Fun: Jon has created a really cool slideshow of Big Jim stuff that I can't get enough of.

Selling Stuff: I'm selling the contents of a rather large find I had this week, seeing as I spent more than I should have, please check it out. It's all lovely 70's stuff, Osmonds, Barbie, MOC Star Wars, Flash Gordon and a lot more.


Anonymous said...

Viewing that Big Jim gallery was great. A lot of lost memories were restored!

Having been kid who played with Big Jim toys and loved comics, I'm surprised I never made the connection that Jack Kirby did the art for P.A.C.K.

JFStan said...

So... Why does Superman need a parachute again?

wurwolf said...

For realistic floating action, of course!

Lady Jaye said...

Damn, I saw that Supersize Barbie in your auctions, and I thought that they meant plus-sized (well, Marilyn-like plus-sized at least), not just a giant Barbie doll...


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