Saturday, April 25, 2009

Torpedo Fist Trading Card

The final new card is Torpedo Fist, one of my favourite action figures as a kid mostly because, he could punch other action figures!

I didn't plan on doing two Big Jim characters so close together but when Livio from put this image on the fourm, it was just too tempting not to.

As an added bonus, I've put some images of the origin of Torpedo Fist from the back of his box. It's not the most logical story in the world but it all made perfect sense to me then.

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Dancin' Homer said...

So a Village People reject destroys your HQ, gives unnecessary detail that add nothing to his story ("I was still shaking my OTHER FIST when they pulled me over the side"), and yet causally breezes over the most incredible part of his story ("Back in Madras, I got myself a new arm and a new fist" - just like that!) . . . and you just let him join.

Go P.A.C.K.!

Beth said...

Ha! I love how he gets all pissy about making sure the guy calls him by his full name - "THE NAME'S TORPEDO Fist!" (and what gives with every word being caps except for the word fist?)

Jim @ said...

Not sure I remember this guy but he has a cool hat!

Retro Hound said...

I'd forgotten all about Big Jim and P.A.C.K. until I discovered your blog. I used to really love his stuff! I remember this cartoon also, and the guy with the bow, I had a toy of him also. Thanks for the memories!

Bubbashelby said...

Funny, that's exactly how I got my current job!

Oh, and it's BUBBAshelby - got it?!

John III said...
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John III said...

Torpedo Fist? Eww. Sounds like a porn movie title..

Anonymous said...

I was wondering if anyone knows how much torpedo fist in the box never opened would be worth?


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