Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Girl's Toy Day!

Seeing as it's my darlin' daughter's birthday today and her long (and much missed) afternoon naps are what inspired me to create this blog three years and five days ago (which I probably should have mentioned) I thought I'd dedicate the day to her favorite subject, dolls!
In this case Barbie's with two classic commercials from our DVD, first is the Barbie Townhouse.

Most Mego collectors I know would liken this to the Wayne Foundation playset but did you also know it was released for Big Jim in Europe? It was a killer spy headquarters that makes you wish you born in Italy, You can see it here.

The second commercial is for the Fashion Face, which is one of those disembodied heads you put makeup on, they creep me out and my daughter wants one, in fact, she wants this one. Something tells me I won't find this at Toys R Us.

Now, if you'll excuse me I have go buy some toys...


plasticfetish said...

I remember my sister having one of those Barbie heads back in the the old days. Aside from the fact that it was indeed kind of eerie, it didn't take her very long to have the poor thing completely disfigured and ruined. After a few bad haircuts and some felt pen makeup, it looked like she'd been struck by lightning.

Jamie said...

I had one of those heads as well. I remember a picture of one of my younger cousins carrying it around while she was at my house one day.

rob! said...

Bruce Wayne and Barbie got into a huge bidding war over that piece of property.

Finally, Bruce's "friend", Batman, did some nighttime investigatin' and found that Barbie had some tax-shelters going on in Barbados, and ratted her out to the GCPD, paving the way for the building to become the Wayne Foundation, as seen in Batman Begins.

Anonymous said...

My wife has the Dream House up in her parents attic. We're gonna dig it out this weekend.


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