Monday, April 27, 2009

Brick Mantooth Sings

Well not really but I kind of got inspired by this Wards photo of spokesmodel Brick Mantooth because it looked like one of those cheesy LPs my dad used to sell to truck stops and Macs milk stores back in the day. He had cases of weird country albums and 8 tracks of people I've never heard of, so I photoshopped this up:

Can you feel it? You ought to hear his rendition of "Going Out of My Head", it's panty peeler.


rob! said...

I'm imagining lots of Tom Jones and Englenert Humperdinck covers.

Word Verification: "Sands"--one the great halls Brick Mantooth did shows at! 3 per night, 4 on weekends!

Dancin' Homer said...

It's right up there with this classic:

wee67 said...

The cover is absolutely PERFECT! I don't know if I laughed harder at that or the phrase "panty peeler"! LOL!

Word Verification- Surizzle: is that Snoop Dog's description of Brick's surreal tunes?

John III said...

Panty Peeler? Love it. I'll have to try the term on my wife, see which frying pan she hits me with. (she doesn't cook, they're just for show, and when I'm saying things like Panty Peeler to her)


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