Friday, April 17, 2009

Ideal 1976 Evel Knievel Catalog

By 1976, Ideal Toys was coasting a very powerful wave of having one of the top selling toys in the country. Evel Knievel was a household name and despite announcing his retirement twice in 1975, returned to jump buses and he attempted to jump a tank full of sharks (inspired by Jaws, another Ideal toys license) which kept his name in the public eye and on Christmas wish lists.


Dancin' Homer said...

"The hairy monster has him trapped in Skull Canyon" - sounds like a sexual euphamism, I just can't figure out for what

Retro Hound said...

All I ever had was the bottom line Evel and cycle. I always wanted all that other stuff too, but never got any of it.

chunky B said...

I had the Scramble Van and the die cast X-2!

John III said...

I was just too little for it when they came out. I saw other kids have them, but they were older, I was only 3 or 4.


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