Friday, April 24, 2009

Daisy Toys Catalog Featuring Sheriff Lobo!

Daisy has been the premier maker of toy caps guns since well long before I can remember and in this 1981 catalog they did something I am too excited about, they created Sheriff Lobo merchandise!

It's almost impossible to find BJ and The Bear Toys let alone anything based on it's short lived spin off, the misadventures of Sheriff Lobo. There are other great items featured that year including Laser Guns (it was the sci fi craze you know) and more western items that a stick can be shook at.

Check out the 1981 Daisy Toys Catalog Here.

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Arkonbey said...

I was an Edison capgun man, myself...

Retro Hound said...

That's pretty cool! However, your text on the page with the photos is about magic, not guns. You might want to check that out.

Jim @ said...

I would have associated them more with BB guns, not sure I realized they were into cap guns as well. Very cool!

benestro138 said...

that Space Flasher is double awesome!


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