Friday, August 22, 2008

Team Up With Little Big Man!

In the 1970's, toy maker extraordinaire Pailtoy brought the popular Spanish toy "MadelMan" to the UK renaming him "Little Big Man" in an effort to offer a lower price point alternative to their popular Action Man line of toys.

Thought small in stature, this six inch character had a tall amount of adventures to choose from, including a couple G.I. Joe didn't have.

Palitoy little big man
What's great about this gallery is not only do we have the original 1975 Palitoy Catalog and some vintage toy industry articles but we also have some fantastic packaged LBM toy photos from the collection of Bill Frost. According to Bill, LBM collecting is a chore in itself, as the pieces are hard to find.


Tim Footman said...

Key difference between Little Big Man and Action Man (apart from size): LBM had no feet! Just plastic stumps that slotted into his various footwear (always boots, not shoes, to hide the disability.

Excellent site, btw.

Arkonbey said...

Is it just me or are the LBMs a strange size somewhere between old GI Joe and new GI Joe?

chunky B said...

So these are a little smaller than Megos and Action Jackson?

If so that is a weird size. Cool accessories though!

Plaidstallions said...

Yeah, they're 6 inches tall, it's the same scale as those Mego World War 2 guys.

wurwolf said...

I'm grooving on that one dude's sweet hooded parka.

Jeff said...

I think I had most of these. I especially remember the frogman and the snowshoes! Tim Footman, you're right about the stumps!


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