Tuesday, August 12, 2008

More Parachuting Superheroes and Apes

azrak hamway doctor zaius My pal Bill sent these images on a few weeks ago and I forgot all about them, here is a parachuting Planet of the Apes Doctor Zaius and notice he's packing heat. Zaius is dropping and this time it's personal....
azrak hamway robinParachuting Robin from the Batman series of toys is logical but damn, he's a tough one to find MOC.

azrak hamway robinThis stun gun from the AHI Space:1999 series of toys really hits home, I had it as a kid and I seriously miss that thing. I can do a pretty good Stun Gun sound too, wanna hear it?
Check out the Plaidstallions Gallery of Rack Toys for more.
DVD Day:

filmation justice league!

This is the BIG event for me this week, the final legitimate release of the Filmation DC Superhero Cartoons. We've happily seen various releases of the Superman/Aquaman series but dammit stuff like the Flash and Green Lantern I thought would never come. This set also includes the two Justice League cartoons. I had to go to the house of a kid i didn't like just to watch these because my parents didn't get the channel (grumble!).

I'm seriously tempted to purchase this Season One DVD of the Love Boat, I watched this show a whole bunch as a kid. Between it and Fantasy Island (which is a pile of campy fun BTW) I was always tuned into ABC on Saturdays nights as a kid (which is really, really sad upon reflection)

I've also watched more That Girl than I care to mention, I went through a Marlo Thomas phase in my late teens. This fourth season DVD is probably not the show at it's best, in 1970 it's likely looking pretty dated and out of steam. I do enjoy seeing the many whacky outfits Ted Bessell wore however.....


chunky B said...

I think that's the stun gun I had as well, that was a cool little flashlight!

Also saw the Filmation Superheroes advertised this weekend, going to have to find a copy just to see some of the other heroes.

Dancin' Homer said...

The Saturday night tag team of Love Boat/Fantasy Island was must-see TV in my house too. Between those two shows, you had a pretty decent chance of seeing one of the Landers sisters in a bikini every week! (I was always partial to Audrey)

rob! said...

what, no Martin Landau with a parachute toy?

gilligan said...

I'm still struggling with the fact that I have to actually purchase the DVD to watch these shows! I guess I took them for granted that they'd always be there in reruns. Seems like not too long ago you were guaranteed to find Love Boat playing in the afternoon on SOME channel. Now, with more channels than ever before you're lucky to find even the once omnipresent Brady Bunch or Gilligan's Island!

Oh well, I guess there's bigger problems in world. So, I'll spare you any further rants and content myself with reruns of Card Sharks on the Game Show Network.

Arkonbey said...

Wow. I haven't thought of That Girl in a long time. I only seemed to watch it when I was home sick from school. That and "Love, American Style"

I never had a stun gun, but any remotely angular horseshoe-shaped thing that could fit in my hand became one...


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