Sunday, August 17, 2008

Colouring Book Theatre: Tarzan

Today's colouring book is courtesy fo my friend Steve (update your blog!) who sent me two copies, one with a Rand McNally logo and one with Saalfields.

Seeing as the Rand Six Million Dollar Man was kind of dryer than old toast, I'm going to say this was something Saalfield cooked up and Rand starting publishing after.

The art in the book is excellent and the pacing is great for this medium. I'm pretty sure I had this book,as a kid being pretty smitten with the character thanks to the wonderful Filmation series and a pile of Sunday afternoon movies with my Dad ( I still love Mike Henry as Tarzan!)

I thought that this would be the Filmation Tarzan inside but my memory has cheated me, this owes more to early movies.

six million dollar man colouring book

The Story revolves around Tarzan's family (something he didn't have in the cartoon) as Boy (his name is Korak dammit!) gets trapped in a tiger pit. Cheeta comes to warn Tarzan. Jane is a total fox BTW...

six tarzan  colouring book

Tarzan deals with it pretty quickly and I might add, is quite smug about it. Then again, if I could do wrestle a tiger, I'd be downright smarmy.

tarzan colouring book

After a bunch of craft segments, the second story involves poachers (not exactly new territory) and Tarzan makes the old timey "Metal Bird" speech. The Tarzan in the novels isn't the dolt Hollywood made him out to be, he spoke several languages and had lengthy travels abroad.

six million dollar man colouring book

Moustached Poacher yelling "Seize Him!", classic

six million dollar man colouring book

Tarzan goes Tantor on this guy's butt and all the animal's (including Cheeta) are freed. I find it funny that Tarzan makes a bargain with the guy seeing as he holds all the marbles.

six million dollar man colouring book

A special bonus, click on this tarzan colour him by numbers, mind you I probably wouldn't use pink for his skin, more like a light brown, he's very tan you know.....

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Anonymous said...

I gave it a go at coloring jungle boy along the lines of his Filmation version.


Tim F said...

Full marks to Tarzan for finding a tiger in the African jungle...


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