Thursday, August 28, 2008

Future Kids

The kids on the outside kind of look like a young Rusty Venture and a junior version of Ed Straker from UFO. They'll be rocking the McDonalds Birthday party in space age style.

The kid in the middle is wearing what my mom would purchase from the three, meaning it's the dorkiest "Marks and Spencer" looking outfit of the bunch.


Dancin' Homer said...

I like the tiny kids along the bottom. The one on the left is talking to his Senor Wences hand, and the one on the right is either striking a classic dancefloor pose, or he's checking out who's checking HIM out.

wurwolf said...

Is it sad that of the three outfits the one in the middle is my favorite? Yeah, it probably is. I would totally wear that.

OverThere said...

I'd wear the one on the left but NEVER the one in the center. It doesn't matter what you offered me.


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