Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Lite Writers

These Lite Writers by Larami are a neat example of how Rack Toys work, when you have a license, just create a unique item you can stick a character on.

It's fun seeing Flash Gordon in the mix, Larami also added a Cylon a year later (this is 1979) but as I recall it was rather off model.

DVD Tuesday

Just in time (actually it's way early) for Halloween we have the Fat Albert's Halloween Special.

There was no cooler thing to see than that rotating "Special Presentation Logo" that CBS used to play, you just knew you were getting some Rudolph or Charlie Brown. That music still gives me a tingle.

I remember watching this special several times but I can't for the life of me recount a single detail, I blame college for this.

Also on tap this week is the underrated Detective Series Banacek starring a pre A-Team George Peppard. I was never disappointed when Banacek was on instead of Columbo on A&E , can't say the same for the last season of MacMillan and Wife. Anyway, this DVD is a perfect thing for somebody not into the box set, just 4 classic shows for $8.00


Anonymous said...

I was never big into Fat Albert, but I used to watch this special whenever it was on.

It's a morality play (weren't all FA's morality plays?) about not judging people. There's an old woman who lives on the hill, and nobody wants to trick or treat at her house b/c word on the street is that she's a witch. Somehow, Rudy ends up going, and it turns out - surprise! - she's a nice old lady who makes cookies. He's in her house so long chatting, the gang thinks he's in trouble. When they go to resucue him, they learn their lesson of tolerance and I think they all clean her house or something. No sexual euphemism intended there.

I remember the best part being the low-tech ghetto costumes the gang comes up with.

Plaidstallions said...

Aaaaand the memories come flooding back, thank you.

Man, that plot has been borrowed a thousand times since then.

wurwolf said...

You know, I didn't remember the riveting plotine for the Fat Albert Halloween special at first, but now that you've laid it out so nicely for us, DH, it all comes flooding back. Good times.

rob! said...

Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman,...Flash Gordon?


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