Monday, August 11, 2008

Celebrity Sighting

Last week in the comments section, Blogger Agent Morris mentioned he had the same catalog as me and a pre Buck Buck Rogers Erin Grey was easily found. The search took me about four minutes to find TV's Wilma Deering in her early twenties, looking as fabulous as ever. I had a crush on her as a kid, which from what I understand is a pretty common bond with 70's kids.


rob! said...

a friend of mine has/had a major thing for erin grey since he was a kid.

we were marching the aisles of the SDCC one year, when over the loudspeaker they announced "Erin Grey is now signing at Booth 123" or whatever.

all of a sudden, he stopped and said "we need to go see Erin Grey."

me, not fully grasping his tone, said something like yeah, sure, after we finish heading over...

he stopped, and said with a firmness of voice and purpose i've rarely heard from him, say "No, we NEED to go see Erin Grey."

it was then i realized there was something in him that went beyond a passing interest--we were talking about life-long, deep-seated celeb crush passion here!

Anonymous said...

biddy biddy biddy

Anonymous said...

I didn't have a crush on Erin Grey when the show was on the air. I guess I was still too distracted by the spaceships and gadgets and guns. Today I watch that show and hot damn! The actresses were all pretty hot! Wish I had appreciated it sooner.

Diane said...

OMG I HAVE TO HAVE THIS OUTFIT. I'm sure I could find the components of said outfit at women's clothing stores today. Minus the enormous Peter Pan collars Erin Gray's sporting there. (BTW, she was on "Silver Spoons", right? The last couple of years of that show aligned to my time and I could've sworn she was there as the rich dad's love interest.) But back to the outfit -- that's it, I'm on a quest to recreate this. Next weekend, I'm going clothes shopping!


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