Monday, August 25, 2008

Fighting Furies ad from 1975

I really dig this UK ad for the highly underrated Matchbox Fighting Furies figures, mostly because it gives you a drool worthy shot of the display box. In the US, for some reason the spokesperson for this line was Mason Reese (no fooling, check it out here) Matchbox also released a killer playset for this line that I really should own.


Lady Jaye said...

I must still be half-asleep as I read "Fighting Furries"... LOL

Arkonbey said...

Man. Those were the best. I still remember having Peg-Leg and the samurai warrior (with helmet, katana and plate armor) and bedouin trader (with that cool lonnnnnng musket) playsets.

What was neat is I remember one of the sets coming with a fake full foot-in-boot to go over the peg. 18th century prosthetics was quite advanced!

LJ: Ha!


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