Sunday, August 03, 2008

Super Joe VS Terron Trading Card

superjoe vs terron This is the final Plaid Stallions trading card for the summer, I'm not sure why I didn't reveal it earlier but here it is, ta-dah! I have a soft spot for Super Joe and when I found this image, I rushed it to press. I've already laid out my next two cards and they will be a departure, one will be for the ladies and the other isn't a doll or an action figure! Stay tuned!
colouring book theatre will return next weekend.


chunky B said...

This Super Joe, and the Evil Knievel have to be my favorites so far!

Anonymous said...

Yay! A card for the ladies! I'm gonna have to try winning one of those.

Anonymous said...

i had this toy as a kid. i never knew what it was called til now. the dinosaur was able to walk forward and the human action figure's armor had a red light that could be illuminated by pressing a button. the light activated a photoreceptor in the "terron" causing it to stop walking.


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