Saturday, August 02, 2008

Encounters with Batman, Robin, Apes and Flash Gordon

Fantastic new images for the Superhero Mall Appearance Gallery this week starting with Lou's contribution. This is from a "Meet the Superheroes" review show like the one featured here. Lou promises more photos soon, I personally cannot wait.

Jason from BifBangPow! who provided last week's cool Darth Vader Signing at B Dalton feature is back this week with some more modern shots of himself with some cool 70's icons at last week's San Diego Comic Con. Here he is about to get clonked by Solider Apes.

Here's Jason with man himself, Sam J Jones during a signing of his new action figure (from BifBangPow! ) hanging with Flash Gordon, I'm jealous. Sam is in a lot of my favourite things and I regret not meeting him last time I was at SDCC, in addition to me watching every episode of "Code Red!" back in the day, I loved him as the Spirit and the Highwayman!

Thanks Lou and Jason! If you have a mall appearance photo from back in the day you'd like to share, please drop me a line!

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Anonymous said...

Holy receding hairline, Batman!


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