Friday, August 01, 2008

1977 JC Penney Toy Flyer

Department stores used to have proud toy sections, so much so that they were a preferred destination when you had a few bucks to spend. You tagged along when your mom needed to visit the credit department, just so you could possibly swing by toys.

One of the biggest back in the day was JC Penney, who while still in business today aren't quite as fun as they once were. I can't remember the last time I saw a toy section in one honestly.

That's why it was exciting to find this cool newspaper circular from 1977 solely advertising all the cool toys available in December of 1977, in case you were wondering this is a Seattle area flyer.

This piece is a wonderful time capsule to when Farrah was hot, her husband was bionic, hand held games were crude and Fisher Price made the Sesame Street come alive

Check out the 1977 JC Penney Toy Flyer Here

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Lisa said...

I have the Sesame Street Trucks, Talking Cookie Monster, the FP Activity Desk & the Doctor's Kit.

One of Cookie's sayings is "I love vegetables". When I was younger, I always insisted he was saying "I love ziggidy-bogs"! (That took some thinking to come up with a spelling for that!) Ah, the clearness of 70's voice technology...

I was at a flea market in Alabama last month & found a near-mint Bionic Man. Had his shoes & everything! They wanted $25 for him though, so my quest to replace the one my Mom threw out continues...

wurwolf said...

"Blip, the exciting digital game for hours of fun!" Oh, for simpler times.

I loved the Big Wheels section. I had forgotten about the one where you sit in the middle of two wheels and turn the wheels with your hands instead of your feet. I never got to try it, but it sure did look interesting.

The only department store I ever see with toys any more is Kohl's, but man, you're right. Back in the 70s every department store had a huge toy section. I loved having a place to go when my mom dragged me along to run errands.

chunky B said...

Holy Cow! The LEGO Moon Landing set, I received that for Christmas that year!

Arkonbey said...

I remember that Fisher Price doctor set. I would play Emergency! with that (hey, Rampart!).

lisa: $25 doesn't sound to bad. Especially with shoes.

Lisa said...

Arkonbey: I have a strange ability to find stuff like that for $1 at garage sales & thrift stores. I'll keep looking! :-)

Lady Jaye said...

I had the Bert and Ernie dolls. They were indeed very cuddly. :)


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