Friday, May 22, 2009

Rack Toys of the Apes

At this past weekend's Motor City Comic Con, I made the aquaintence of toy dealer Bob Serna, who had the most Planet of the Apes toys I've ever seen available for sale in one place. I spent the majority of my cash with Bob and I'll probably be going back for more shortly, here are some highlights. Above is a "Monkey Shines' flash light by Larami.

These "Gorilla Glasses" may also be by Larami and really show you what a true licensing juggernaut Planet of the Apes really was, it's the movie that likely showed George Lucas how much cash he could really make.

Larami's Ape Rifle

Apes Pinball, I love the header card on this thing...

Interplanetary Ape Phones?

A carded Azrak Hamway Ape Water Pistol was possibly one of the rarest items on display.

AHI's Zaius on horseback is a classic piece of POTA merchandise.

Now, onto what I picked up:

I've mocked the Azrak hamway Palnet of the Apes Helicopter for years but deep down, I've always wanted one, why? Because it's stupidly delicious and maybe a little bit because of this:

It's a little monkey pilot! Nice attention to detail AHI...

I don't know who made this cool little punch o'ball but for some reason I had to have it, maybe it's the reuse of the Addar model kit artwork, hmmmmm.

Anyway, I guess I collect Planet of the Apes again.....

Azrak Hamway (AHI) Planet of the Apes Rack Toy Gallery

Rack Toys by Larami Gallery


plasticfetish said...

"Monkey Shines" POTA flashlight is the single most awesome name for a product that I've seen.

So jealous... I want it all.

Dancin' Homer said...

My aunt visited us bearing gifts one day. Instead of the old "pick a hand" routine, she held a bag behind her back and said to me and my brother "What color do you like beteter - orange or black"? My brother was able to blurt out "Orange!" first. I remember being bummed - I didn't know what was in that bag, but I certainly knew I'd like it to be orange i/o black.
As it turned out, I was psyched (and my brother was bummed) when she pulled out two POTA water pistols, and I got Cornelius and my bro got Dr Zaius.
I loved that thing, thanks for posting the pic!

wee67 said...

I'm curious how close the next Planet is to the Planet of the Ape considering their "Interplanetary" phones can be reached with a 2-foot string.

"Monkey Shines" and "Gorilla Glasses"- it really shows just as a touch more effort with these rack-iliscious toys.

rob! said...

Ape Phones?!?

Anonymous said...

Check out that old school Everready battery, complete with the funky logo. Looks melty.

Unknown said...

I remember the Gorilla Glasses being banana scented.


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