Saturday, May 02, 2009

PlaidStallions 3rd Birthday Bash!!

It's our third Birthday here at PlaidStallions (give or take a week, I need to write this stuff down) so I thought what better way to celebrate than to run a contest and give out some "party favours" so to speak.

So, the theme of this contest is Favourite Things. Namely, what is your favourite thing about PlaidStallions? send it to our mail box and you're in!
The top two names drawn will get a copy of our DVD plus a complete set of trading cards, the next three will win complete sets of the trading cards including two never before seen mystery cards!

new PS trading card

I'll announce the winners on Tuesday's blog, in the mean time, here are some of my favourite things about this project, other than the great people I've met:

Mall Appearances are just something that stuck with me as a kid, if you're reading this on Saturday morning I'm actually meeting Darth Vader right now.

Fashion Mockery Everybody kind of lost their minds in the 1970s and we're all better for it. While I can't believe some of the styles, I wish the butterfly collar would make a come back.

Lincoln Monsters working on this site reconnects me with lots of childhood favourites but none as prized for me as the Lincoln Monsters. I'm a huge geek for these hastily made figures and am still actively seeking some out (ahem)

Rack Toys I love cataloging Rack Toys, the stranger, the better. It doesn't look like I'll ever run out of material in this department.

Enough about me, tell me yours and thanks for reading my weird ramblings and ignoring my horrible grammar and Canadian spelling for these past 3 years.


Anonymous said...
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Ian Sokoliwski said...


And congrats on attracting the spam post here as well :D

Dancin' Homer said...

Nice job with today's pic - That definitely looks like a party I wanna be at! Though truth be told I'd probably end up pissed as I watched Brick, Guy, Oates, Joe, and the others picking up all the ladies while I nursed my beer . . .

Happy 3rd Birthday, and keep up the great work

rob! said...

Happy Anniversary!

gretta said...
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Plaidstallions said...

Wow two spammers, if that isn't a sign of success I don't know what is...

Jon K said...

Hey, who's that green monster dude with the light thing in his chest? I just bought a box of assorted action figure stuff at a garage sale that included that (or most of that)... is it a latter-day Adventure Team enemy or what?

John III said...

Spam,Spam,Spam,Spam,Happy Birthday! Spam, Spam Spaaaaaam!

There's always a time for Monty Python!


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