Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Bikini Wednesday

Kind of phoning it in today, I'm working some trade show some where and I'm absolutely brain dead. One has to wonder about the swim suit on the left, it looks like left over wardrobe from "Space:1999" and seems to be made of the same fabric as an oven mit or an ironing board cover. Also, did people actually need a belt on their bikinis?

Birthday Bash Winners! Thanks for the amazing response to this contest, I was really touched by all the kind words you folks had for the site and I also think it's cool how many of you love rack toys.

Having said that our DVD winners are:


Michael Evenson

The next Five Names get card sets:

Robert Lindsay

Joeseph Scott Irving

Chris Cummins

Melissa Tarun

Bob Ignizio

Thanks for playing guys, I'll be in touch over the weekend to get your addresses.


plasticfetish said...

I'm pretty sure my Grandma had a swimsuit like "A" there. It looks odd on the hottie, but was more than appropriate for Grandma.

Dancin' Homer said...

The one on the left looks like it's made of super-absorbant Bounty. I wonder if she is a quicker picker upper.

John III said...

"Okay, everyone ready? Now turn on the wind machine! Ladies, look over and up into the sky. Yup, just like that, like you're watching Fonzie jump the shark!"

Retro Hound said...

The belt is "slimming". That's my guess anyway. I like Dancin' Homer's comment.

Yeah I won! I'm Robert Lindsey.

chunky B said...

It's sort of the Leisure Suit of Bikinis.

rob! said...

Criminy, I'm having such unclean, 1970s-ish thoughts right now...

Beth said...

I think the girl in the orange oven mitt is pulling the blond model's hair. I'd be sore too if the other models got to wear the cute bikinis. Aesthetics aside, I bet that one-piece wasn't so bad for gals trying to lose a few inches - imagine sitting in the sun wearing that thing...five pounds of water weight gone!


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