Sunday, May 31, 2009

Colouring Book Theatre: Tuffy Tooth Meets Butch Cavity and the No Tooth Kid

Great title huh? I found this little bit of pain at a flea market and I actually paid $2 for it. This is one of those things you got for free when your mom bought toothpaste or you could actually pay $0.25 for it, if you did that, you're as dumb as me.

I bought this because I'm pretty sure I had it as a kid but don't remember it being this bad. First off, it's about 6 pages long, with the reverse side being the same story in French (this is Canada ) secondly, it's TERRIBLY drawn and painfully written, just like you'd expect from something that's about dental hygiene....

Our hero "Doctor Friendly" is off to Cavity Canyon to look for his pal Tuffy Tooth, is "Cavity Canyon" the most unappealing name for a place ever? Me thinks yes.

No Dentists Allowed? Sounds like the work of Butch Cavity, the outlaw, not the Butch Cavity that makes those adult films where the girls never seem to show up.

Ah, our villains, the evil "No Tooth Kid" with his puckered mouth and rifle scope eyes. Butch Cavity and Lotta Snacks, who apears to be the town prostitute.

"Hello Big Boy Want Some Candy"?

Tuffy Tooth shows up and he's just a gigantic pile of whine. In the mine shaft, Doctor Friendly gives Tuffy a good rub down with some tooth paste while Barry White softly plays in the background.

Why does the no tooth kid have his name on his heel?

Anyway, we're saved by Doctor stick in the butt and toothboy. Butch Cavity and the No Tooth kid are hung by their necks until dead.


Dancin' Homer said...

Why would a group of citizens who are so into oral hygiene (one of whom is a giant tooth) name their town Cavity Canyon anyway? What does the "I.M" in "I.M. Friendly" stand for? I think we need a prequel for all the unanswered questions.

rob! said...

Why do I feel like I should be listening to "Yellow Submarine" as I read this book?

alphacentaurian said...

And this was friggin' high art back then... well maybe not high art, but someone would have gotten a friggin' good paycheck for this misery.

John III said...

This is like getting a free comic book at a porn store. Ugh..
(Yes there is a funny story behind this..)


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