Friday, May 29, 2009

The Defenders :1975 Hasbro Catalog

So you're Hasbro in 1975 and everybody is cutting into your G.I. Joe profits with dolls named "Mighty Gary", "Fighting Yank" and "Mr Action", what do you do?

You rip them off of course! That's exactly what Hasbro did in 1975 with "The Defenders" a fairly cheap blow molded doll (whose head would later be recycled into Bulletman) who also was the perfect way to get rid of excess inventory (especially on military items).

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rob! said...

I was disappointed to learn these "Defenders" toys where neither the 60s TV series (E.G. Marshall action dolls!) or the 70s Marvel series. Oh well.

Anonymous said...

I had that tank when I was a boy. Never knew what line it went to. Twenty-Five year old mystery solved. Thank you

Anonymous said...

They recycled the head mold for Bullet man.


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