Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Mego Super Heroes :Truth, Justice and Sales?

I love this ad for Licensing Corporation of America (the people who you had to contact if you wanted to make any sort of superhero toy goodness in the 1970s) featuring the Mego Superheroes. Eventhough it's been featured at the Mego Museum, I just thought it deserved more attention.

And Speaking of Mego (like my segway?) Mego Meet, the Fifth Annual Mego Convention is this June in Wheeling West Virginia, it's the largest gathering of Mego collectors in the world and if you're in the area, it's also a great toy show. I'll be there peddling my minimal wares, so give it a look:

Megomeet 2009 Official Website


chunky B said...

How weird you post these, because I will not be able to make Mego Meet, but will be at Licensing Fair.

narvolicious said...

Dang...wouldn't be able to go to that Mego Meet, but sounds killer.

I had a bunch of the Mego Star Trek figures, plus Superman, Batman, Robin, and Aquaman....probably even a few more back in the '70s...last thing I remember is seeing Batman with no clothes on...kinda bizarre that his mask was molded as part of his head.

Awesome site you got here. I especially like your take on '70s playgrounds...totally miss those days...

rob! said...

Hey, Aquaman's on that ad! Control + click, don't fail me now!


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