Sunday, May 24, 2009

Colouring Book Theatre: Lassie

Lassie Colouring Book Oh Snap! We are back with another installment of Colouring Book Theatre, thanks to my pal Sharry. I try not to go this long but it's hard to find affordable vintage colouring books to review in my neck of the woods.
Sharry's Lassie book is autographed by Jon Provost, who played Timmy (the guy who never fell in a well) even though this has nothing to do with the TV show.

I can honestly say the Lassie series didn't play when I was a kid because I had an older sister who wanted to be a vet and could totally take me, so I was forced to watch every episode of "Run, Joe, Run!" and "The Littlest Hobo". Had Lassie been on, I would have been an expert on the series.

We did have Lassie Golden books and Viewmasters thanks to my pet obsessed sister (who didn't become a vet but has like 11 dogs now) and I've never totally understood the appeal of this show.

Lassie Colouring Book

The story thus far, Lassie is wandering the forest and gets her foot caught in a trap. She is rescued by a man named Jack Brundle (brother of Seth from the Fly), who's a scientist (see?) who lost his family in a car accident (why is this important?). When she's healed, he takes her for a walk and he falls down a hill and is injured. Lassie travels miles to a town and collapses in front of a family's home and they take her to the doctor. Then Lassie leads the family and the doctor to Jack. It turns out that the dad in the family and Jack work together and Jack was working on a secret formula before he lost his family. If the formula isn't completed, the company will go under.
Long, huh? I want to mention the art looks to be by Tony Tollarico, an industry vet who worked for Dell and on my favourite colouring book of all time.

Lassie Colouring Book

I hope nobody was expecting anything more than a page of the dog blankly staring, that's all he does.

Lassie Colouring Book

Well that proves it was a head injury.

Lassie Colouring Book

Did I mention that this colouring book is very long, yet features a lot of scenes like this?

Lassie Colouring Book

The door was locked but amazingly Lassie finds the spare key, which saves everyone from um, throwing a brick through a window or calling the hospital and asking the guy where he keeps his spare key.

Lassie Colouring Book

Success, Lassie saved the company! Unfortunately, the company is Union Carbide, so Lassie's reputation was smudged forever....

Thanks Sharry!
Next Week: The Worst Colouring Book I have ever seen

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Dancin' Homer said...

i can't wait until next week's

Retro Hound said...

I never cared much for Lassie either, I always thought it was just me.

Anonymous said...

That Dog looks like a pug. Awesome post though.


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