Thursday, May 14, 2009

Live Long and Are You Going to Finish Your Fries?

I kind of went "primal geek" this past weekend when I took my kids to Burger King. The current Star Trek (well deserved) movie hype and promotion harkens back to when I was a lad and McDonalds ran their Star Trek Happy Meals. Somehow I conned my Mum into going more than once during that period (which was rare) and just went Trek mad with this promotion.

You can click on the boxes to get a good look at the art, truly these are Happy Meals. I don't even really like fast food much anymore but these things are great memories of when I did. Even though the Motion Picture ended up kind of boring, I was still into it, devouring the Mego Toys, reading the cool Marvel comic, good times.

And of course, each meal included a prize, my children got way cool talking toys over the weekend ( I never tired of hearing "kirk to Enterprise" on the 4 hour road trip the next day) but I really loved this cheap-o wrist communicator dealie, I had fun with it for a whole afternoon. This one won't fit me, so I'll leave it in the package.
I have more happy meal boxes, one of these days I'll make a gallery.
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John III said...

I never saw those happy meals unfortunately. I would have loved them.

chunky B said...

Man that brings back memories, I've also been hitting Burger King for the new stuff, but nothing compares to the art on those Happy Meal boxes!

Keith said...

Wow! These are awesome!

Arkonbey said...

( I never tired of hearing "kirk to Enterprise" on the 4 hour road trip the next day)You, sir, are a saint.

Anonymous said...

I ate at Burger King was gross.

Anonymous said...

wow! this post totally brings back the memories, i had that happy meal box, loved it as a matter of fact, all the cool imagery on it, i had totally forgotten about that wristwatch thing, man, great post. loved seeing that again!

dusty abell

Dartman said...

These were the first Happy Meals.


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