Thursday, May 01, 2014

The Looooooooove Boat Plaaaaaayset

As much as I do not regret one minute of those Saturday night "Love Boat/Fantasy Island" fests I had as a kid (especially when they CROSSED OVER, which was like Batman joining the Avengers) I just never really got the need for stuff like the Mego action figures or this little set from Multiple.

Although, I think it would be cool in addition to the crew if you got figurines of regular guest stars like Charo, Gordon Jump, Donna Pescow and Don Adams? My God, what monster would deny the world a Vic Tayback figurine? 

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Jamie Ghione said...

I remember seeing that Kenner's Glamour Gals line of the 1980s had a cruise ship playset called Ocean Queen or something like that. But somehow I missed ever seeing this one advertised.

SunyDay76 said...

I still have those figures sitting on my desk in my office. Gopher never brings me a drink though.

Tom said...

I share your guilty memories of the Saturday night Love Boat/Fantasy Island marathon and I too loved when they had a crossover. I remember Captain Steubing commenting about a girl who had failed to find romance and happiness aboard his ship and was proceeding on to the mysterious Fantasy Island.


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