Tuesday, May 06, 2014


This is one of my few pick ups at a toy show this weekend, a space age rack toy from a company I've never seen before. I was attracted to it because it's the love child of Fireball XL-5 and the Phoenix from Battle of the Planets.

It's kind of cheap but also so wonderfully sincere. I love the added marketing for "The Golden Astronaut" like that little perk puts this over the top. 

Also, most Rack Toys never have anything on the back of the card, let alone in full color but Space-X went all out and this is a whole series. It seems to have a real Gerry Anderson flavour, this could be a problem.

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Richard said...

What you have there is quite a score among a certain group of collectors! SpaceX was marketed in the states under the name "Golden Astronaut" -- after the tiny figure that came with each vehicle. And yes, the resemblance to Gerry Anderson vehicles is more than merely coincidental.

You'll probably want to check out this blog at some point if you haven't already:


It's a bit disorganized and hard to find relevant entries there at the moment, but the bloggers there will be super helpful in providing info.

chippertheripper said...

FYI, there are two on eBay right now!


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