Thursday, May 29, 2014

Shogun Warriors Utility Belt


Ever since I first stumbled on this newspaper ad, I've been intrigued by this clever little set. I'd always wanted to track one down but sadly my "track that down" list is vast and I may have focus issues so it never happened. Fortunately for me, my good pal and podcast partner Jason has more focus and let's me live vicariously through his purchases:


While I originally thought this set was created by Remco (mostly because of the word "official" and the recycled Batman communicator), I was surprised to find it's by GLJ. GLJ is one of those companies that doesn't roll off the tongue but they made some amazing stuff like this.

I really love the extras here like the Axe and Sword, some care went into this, dammit I still want one!

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Anonymous said...

Something tells me that the phone and gun may have been re-purposed from Batman molds.

Anonymous said...

For what the set looked like in situ, check out the following URL.


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