Friday, May 30, 2014

Jaws Game: Start to Finish

I found these images in a shareholders report and it gives a very rare look into the toy manufacturing world in 1977. Above is the Ideal assembly plant in Newark New Jersey, sure the plastic parts were made in Hong Kong but back then everything was assembled states side and the box was also printed locally.
Once completed, the cartons are loaded onto trucks just in time for Ray Liotta and Robert Deniro to hijack them.
Then it’s on to the store shelf (actually several steps including regional distributors is missing but what the heck) where you beg your Mom for one.

These parents are extremely generous but have an “Ideal Toys Only rule” very strange

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing these photos! They're more than a look into the toy manufacturing world in 1977. They're a look into the late-70s manufacturing world in general. Domestic printing, domestic assembly, and people today wonder where-oh-where all the jobs went. See that nifty little sticker that says "Made In China" or "Hecho en Mexico"? That's where they went.

TR4 said...

I like the inside look of the factory + such.

If you want toy buy a new game that is like the JAWS game:

www.perpetualkid [dot] com sells a game that looks lie a close match to the Jaws game.
The game is called: "Sharky's Diner".

I don't work for Perpetual Kid, but I just wanted to tell people that the game is there, if they like the game.
Cheers, TR

TR4 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
TR4 said...

Excuse me, I meant to say: ...looks LIKE the game.


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