Friday, May 02, 2014

1975 Remco Toys Catalog

Cool catalog feature today, perhaps the earliest example from the second life of Remco Toys, a company that went under in 1972 but was reborn by Azrak Hamway International for what would be a long and fruitful life creating some very memorable toys.

This document shows the company in it's infancy, show casing such licenses as Star Trek and I Dream of Jeannie as well as home grown items like Magic Hat and Kid Slick.

Check out the 1975 REMCO Toys Catalog here.

Previous Remco Catalogs
1979 remco catalog.1980 remco catalog


Neal P said...

I didn't know about that utility belt. I would've loved to have had that as a kid. I had the electronic phaser which was too big and clunky for my little hands. As an alternative, I used the phaser, tricorder, and communicator from the model kit, but those were all slightly too small. The utility belt looks like it was ju-uu-st right!

Anonymous said...

I got mine from consumers that was the store you had to look through a catalog for and pick things out. It looked so cool but wound up being not that good. The silver lid for the communicator broke very easily. The gun also was not very durable. It shot disc tracers but the trigger broke after a short time. The belt buckle was not very secure and prone to opening on its own and also to snapping so that you needed to rubberband or tie it just get it to stay shut. Though more expensive than rack toys it was just as lacking in durability and thus just would not last long.


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