Wednesday, May 14, 2014


battle of the planets
We just wrapped our Battle of the Planets episode of PodStallions (which launches this Friday) and I was reminded of one of my favourite pieces of merchandise this little magnetic 1-Rover-1. This and a matching 7 Zark 7 (which i don't own) have l'il magnets in them to add to the play.

battle of the planets

The back of the box shows some fun shenanigans, the little guy loves his master's butt, my dog just gives me a dirty look when i do that. This is a toy lucky kids in France got (where his name is 1-Nonos-1), instead of the bupkiss we got here.

We'll be discussing stuff like this on this Friday's podcast, with special guest Alex Ross, it'll launch Friday.

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jd said...

Looking forward to this weeks show. Were any BOTP toys ever release in the US during its run?


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