Friday, May 09, 2014

Name this Guy Contest Results

I am pleased to announce the winners of the 8th Anniversary "Name this Guy" contest.

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First of all....Wow! That is the biggest response to a contest I've ever gotten, the emails never stopped or failed to make me laugh. I got HUNDREDS of names and I wish I could give everyone a prize just for playing. 

Secondly, thanks to you folks I now have over ten new descriptions for a penis. You're a wonderfully smutty bunch, bless you.

Because of the enormous outpouring of support and the fact that it was so hard to choose, I've created a third category of prizes making ten extra winners.

Third Prize (a PlaidStallions Prize pack)

Martin for Isaac Fleetwood
Ryan for Levon Soulglow
Anna for Darnell Goldstein Jones
Ted for Darius Highcrotch
Simon for Hieronymus P Lovecheeks the 3rd
Alex for Barkevious Fendor
Paul for Ramses Longfellow
Ollie for Winston Pleasures
Brian for Clive G Tickler
Andre for Domino Jefferson

Second Prize (Brick Mantooth figure)

Jamie for Donte Inferno
Brian for Marcus Van Coolmint

First Prize (a Ron:Spacepimp figure)

Ladies and gentlemen, the guy's name is:

Mark wins with Dominic Nitro which sounds like a 70s revenge movie I'd own on DVD and watch on a semi regular basis. Hell, I want this movie to exist with this guy in the lead. The tagline could be "Never agitate him, he explodes!"

THanks everyone for playing, I really enjoyed this one. More contests and a big announcement soon. 


Seventiesfan said...

I completely misunderstood this one. When you said "name this guy" I was going to say Carl "Apollo Creed/Action Jackson" Weathers.

Actually he looks a lot like my CPR instructor from many years ago.

Sabrina Steyling said...

All of those names are awesome! I'm especially partial to Isaac Fleetwood, given my love of Fleetwood Mac music, LOL. Long live Dominic Nitro! :)

Ponch said...

Sugar Brown thinks you're all a bunch of jive turkeys.


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