Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Best of Colouring Book Theatre

While I have a new batch of colouring books on the way, they're not here yet so let's phone it in and do a clip show citing the highs and lows of reviewing materials for no real good reason.

Grab your crayons and follow me after the jump:

Most Cringeworthy
Hands down, the winner would be this Star Trek colouring book which not only has the Enterprise crew visiting a freaking clown planet but features the creepiest depiction of George Takei this side of fanfic.
Best Depiction of a TV series

That would go this 1973 Doctor Who Colouring Book featuring the third Doctor, the art is crisp and there is no story to speak of, just random shots of the Doctor kicking alien's butts which this version was wont to.
Laziest Depiction of a TV series

I'm a big fan of Buck Rogers but whoever threw together this book clearly didn't care too much. One observation in taking a serious look at these things is how the majority of these books are in fact, really well done so stuff like weaker stuff like Buck sticks out even more.

Coolest Book Ever
We've got some great stuff here but my favourite would be the Monster Gallery colouring book with art by Mark Savee, I like it so much I have every page on the site.

Most Terribliest Ever

Country Music Wax Museum is not only the worst idea for a Coloring Book it also looks like an 11 year old drew it under heavy duress.

Should Never Have Been Made For Children
Dune should never have been marketed to children this way, no child wants to color a boil picking scene and they shouldn't be given the choice!

The "Too Soon" Award
I felt crappy that this image from the Diff'rent Strokes Coloring Book started making the twitter rounds shortly after Gary Coleman's death. Mostly because I always liked the guy and it seemed like such a douchey thing to do. I flirted with removing it but the colouring book itself is kind of a joy so it remained.
If you have a colouring book you'd like to guest review, I'd like to hear from you!

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Iok said...

''Because he IS the Kwisatz Haderach!''

Can YOU spell ''Kwisatz Haderach,'' children?


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