Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Space Robots : UFO Series

The beauty of a time when you could import popular toys from other countries and even though we had not (and some of us never will) seen the television shows they were based on, still realise it was a kick ass toy. I see several Ultra Man villians in this assortment, anybody else recognize anything?


N.E. said...

pretty certain i had that 'gloizer robo' - bought on a holiday in italy. don't recall any of these being available here in the UK.

N.E. said...

as i recall it was a pretty heavy toy, seemed like it was made of solid metal - built like a tank! but with very limited articulation.

just sayin' ;-)

plasticfetish said...

There's a lot of great things in that photo. A bunch of the die-cast was by a company named "Ark", and I owned and loved the Baltan toy when I was a kid. Marukai is a great market, and I was still buying imported (Ultraman, Godzilla, etc.) candy toys from them up until the time I left Southern California a few years ago. They have excellent seafood also BTW. ;)

Anonymous said...


Creginald Vandercleve said...

A few familiar pieces there...


"The Stateside push was sponsored by Honolulu-based Marukai Trading Co., Ltd., who distributed a large line of Japanese-produced merchandise (as well as some Hawaii-produced items, such as tee-shirts) to local retailers in localities airing Brave Raideen — including Popy's Jumbo Machinder (which may account for Mattel's launching of the popular Shogun Warriors line in the U.S.), according to author August Ragone."

Time machine, please!

P.S. While googling that UFO Base I learned that Nakajima also made some die-cast robots I had as a kid -- Thanks for the post : )


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