Friday, March 18, 2011

1978 European Big Jim Catalog

Mattel's Big Jim line may have been gone from US toystores in 1977 but he had a long and prosperous life in Europe up until the mid 1980s thanks to some very creative moves.

Big Jim was no longer just a sportsman/spy in this new world but a character free of the constraints of time, he was a spy, an explorer, a pirate, a cowboy what ever you wanted him to be.

More Big Jim

big jim in mexico mego in spain 1977 Mattel Toyfair Showroom from 1975

big jim pack comic big jim


Umbratikus said...

It loooks like, in addition to the Old West stuff, Euro Jim looks to have borrowed heavily from the GI Joe Adventure Team in its adventure sets. I see a Secret Mission to Spy Island, a Capture of the Pygmy Gorilla, A White Tiger Hunt, the arctic dog sled one whose set name escapes me, and other bits and pieces. Also, didn't the Euro Joe have western outfits/sets, too?

Umbratikus said...

Also, I always thought Torpedo Fist looked very piratical. And then there is Warpath. I wonder, did these figures come from European pirate/Old West lines before coming to the US to join the PACK?


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