Saturday, May 15, 2010

Colouring Book Theatre: Doctor Who

Dr Who Colouring Book"

If there is one thing that brings me back to being a kid, it's early seventies Doctor Who especially Jon Pertwee era stuff, he was my Doctor growing up and I both respected and kind of feared him.

Later in life I'd get to meet the guy and let me tell you, he was the nicest, most generous, celebrity I've ever met.

I was delighted to find scans of this book on teh interwebs, some kind soul had scanned this (probably rare) item so all could see.

This book is a refreshing break from the last bunch of misery we've had on CBT, mostly because it's beautifully rendered and has no story. It's just a series of charming illustrations of what appears to be Pertwee's second season.

Hai Keeba! The Doctor showed that wookie. A beautiful illustration of what set the Pertwee era apart, his Doctor had a flash of James Bond.

I think it's funny the author took the photo from the Radio Times cover and put the Doctor underwater.

The artist seems really good at capturing likeness, he even seems to get Katy Manning's features well.

Ah, big honking 70s computers...

Brigadier Lethbridge Stuart, a character that should have appeared on the new series by now..

Just some of the random sci fi nonsense included here, for the most part the adventures the Doctor has are all plausible for the series. Much of the planets he visits look like quarries in the UK and the aliens (sorry none of his TV baddies appear) look like the kind of stuff that would plague the Doctor in the early 70s.

Now that I've had a taste of this thing, I kind of want it...

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Lady Jaye said...

Awesome book indeed! I wonder what crayon (or colouring pencil) one would use to colour Pertwee's hair? :P

Anonymous said...

The cover photo is from Season 9 - The one year they used that TARDIS interior. (replacing the walls that go back to Season 1!)

They redid the interior again for season 10 which was used for the rest of the Pertwee Era.

Misty said...

Pertwee was my favorite Doctor as well. Now Tennant is tied with him but hey. I also got to meet Jon Pertwee and he was just as wonderful and gracious as he was on the show. Especially compared to Baker who was at the same Con and was clearly a pompous ass. Yes I know, I will be staked for saying that.

Thanks! Best coloring book posted ever.

Arkonbey said...

Everyone's fist Doctor is the Best Doctor. It's one of those things that can't, and shouldn't, be argued*.

Mine's Tom Baker, whom I never met, so he may have been a pompous ass (so's William Shatner, but I doesn't stop me from preferring TOS to TNG).

*though conversion is possible. My wife grew up with Peter Davidson, but has come to prefer Tom Baker.

LaraAnn said...

Very cool book. My brother and I enjoy Doctor Who. Tom Baker, Pertwee and Tennant are our favourites.

senormedia said...

I also met Pertwee at a small con in the early 90's and he was as nice as he could be.


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